Imperial City Olde Ale

Imperial City Olde Ale

TrimTab’s Imperial City Olde Ale is in the English style. Also referred to as a winter warmer, this beer balances dark fruit flavors against a background chocolate malt and a slightly sweet finish. It is meant to provide depth of flavor while having a surprisingly clean finish. The effect should be warming, due to the high alcohol, though never losing its balanced drinkability. A great pairing with a variety of foods ranging from roasted meats to caramel desert dishes.

Imperial City Olde Ale takes its name from a piece of Birmingham Alabama’s brewing past. Imperial City Brewing Co. was started in 1911 and was in a race to be the largest brewery in the county. Unfortunately the state of Alabama prohibited alcohol in 1915 and the brewery ended before it even began. Imperial City Olde Ale celebrates the rich brewing history of Birmingham, AL – both past, present, and future. Remembering Imperial City Brewing Co. reminds us of the trimtab potential legislation has on an industry that brings happiness and culture to millions of people. So, on the 100th anniversary of the prohibition of beer in Alabama, raise a glass and celebrate our brewing brothers and sisters that came before us, and celebrate the bright future that lies ahead!

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