Rescue Ship Pale Ale

Rescue Ship Pale Ale

Rescue Ship is a light, citrusy dry-hopped Pale Ale that was made with the southern Fall in mind. Fall in the south is often more like an extension of summer, just with a different change of perspective. Rescue Ship provides enough complexity and bitterness to welcome the coming colder months, while not losing the balanced, highly drinkable nature that defines TrimTab.
Aromatic and flavor profiles are largely contributed from a dry hop of Nelson Sauvin and Galaxy, which provides layers of passion fruit, peach, and other tropical fruits, while herbal and grassy notes provide a crisp backbone. Nelson Sauvin, a New Zealand hop is renowned for contributing distinctive white wine flavors 
Rescue Ship is branded to honor the original super hero Willie Perry. In the late 70’s Perry declared himself a real-life super hero that would “help anyone in distress”. Donning a full-body outfit, he broke up robberies, helped old ladies across the street, and generally assisted all in need. His car, the Rescue Ship, was a symbol of hope and humanity to a city that was greatly in need. So raise a glass, help someone in need, and make today a Willie Perry kind of day!

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