Canning Are A-Comin’!

Canning Are A-Comin’!


That’s right folks! You heard it! Ice cold, TrimTab IPA is headed your way, in canned form, in just a few short months!

This has been a project we’ve been working on for honestly the past four months, but after solidifying financing, reaching a final can design (to be released in a few weeks!), and actually putting the purchase order in, we figured “hey, why not let everyone else share in the excitement?”

Our canning system is currently being fabricated in Colorado by Wild Goose Canning. And its going to be a beast. We are also going to be bringing a new, much larger glycol chiller, two new 60-bbl fermenters, an automatic depalletizer by Ska Fabricating, and a new filter to help bring our current facility into high gear!

To make this expansion possible we are having to do some pretty major retrofits around here, so don’t be surpised if you see some fun pieces of equipment around in the next few months. Boom lifts, lulls, and other assorted equipment that Will dreams about using on a daily basis.

This is a landmark expansion for our brewery, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Stay tuned, we’ll be keeping you all in the loop with new developments as we get closer to roll-out. GET EXCITED!

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