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205 SMASH / 7 Hops in 7 Days at TrimTab

December 3, 2018 @ 5:00 pm - December 9, 2018 @ 2:30 pm

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7 Hops in 7 days! To celebrate the variety of flavors and aromas produced by different hops, we’ve added a unique single dry hop to 7 batches of our 205 Southern Pale Ale! Each day we will tap just one keg of a new SMaSH 205 (Single Malt and Single Hop 205 Pale Ale). Try one or try them all! These will be available on draft only in the Tasting Gallery (not for Togo). One keg may go quickly so don’t miss out.


Here’s the Line Up:

SIMCOE (Monday 12/3)
Simcoe was introduced in 2000 by Yakima Chief Ranches as a proprietary hop varietal with strong bitter and aromatic qualities. Little has been released about its parentage, but it has been compared to Cascade. With an alpha acid content of 12-14%, Simcoe is excellent for bittering, but is also used for aroma due to its pine, passion fruit, earthy, and citrus characteristics. The duality of Simcoe makes it ideal for pale ales, IPAs, American ales, and Double IPAs.

We used Simcoe in the Original 006.

ENIGMA (Tuesday 12/4)
Enigma is a hop variety released by the Hop Products Australia breeding program, a descendant of the Swiss Tettnang hop. This high alpha variety is equipped with notes of pinot gris, raspberries, red currant, and light tropical fruit. This “chameleon” of a hop is best utilized late in the brew to maximize its unique flavor and aroma properties.

We used Enigma Hops in Light Visions Enigma Singularity

IDAHO 7 (Wednesday 12/5)
Idaho 7™ brings pungent tropical fruit and pine character. Developed in the USA by Jackson Hop Farm in Wilder ID, first released in 2015.

We used Idaho 7 Hops in Play Date Round 2

GALAXY (Thursday 12/6)
Galaxy hops are one of the most highly sought after hops in the world. These Australian aroma hops are known for their pungent citrus and passionfruit flavors. It can sometimes take over a year to get these hops!

We used these Hops in Revelator/Rescue Ship Pale Ale.

NELSON SAUVIN (Friday 12/7)
Nelson Sauvin is a very polarizing hop – it seems beer drinkers either love it or hate it. This New Zealand hop can produce a wide range of stunning flavor and aroma. Hop lovers can be dazzled, but the unsuspecting drinker may find its juicy bouquet overwhelming. The flavor profile runs from fruity, tropical notes of lychee and mango to fresh crushed gooseberries and spicy black pepper. Many may also recognize a similarity to white wine – in New Zealand, Sauvin is shorthand for Sauvignon Blanc, a winemaking grape.

We used Nelson Sauvin Hops in Affirmation Blanc.

EKAUNOT (Saturday 12/8)
Ekuanot is one of the newest hop varietals released and has been received with much acclaim. Released in 2014, Ekuanot (formally Equinox and HBC 366) has surged in popularity and growing acreage. This American hop is described as having aromas of melon, berry, orange peel, lime, papaya, pine and fresh peppers.

We used Ekaunot in Light Visions Nebula Portrait

TAIHEKE (Sunday 12/9)

Taiheke hops originate from an early US breeding program circa 1956. Known for their grapefruit/lime characteristics, these were the first commercially bred hops to emerge from the USDA-ARS program when released in 1972. They were bred from crossing an English Fuggle with a male selection believed to have been a crossing of Fuggle with the Russian variety Serebrianka.

This will be the first and only beer that we have ever brewed using these hops.


December 3, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
December 9, 2018 @ 2:30 pm